How to apply

WSH Scholarship


The Foundation is committed to supporting education and training for both young and experienced hospitality professionals. The WSH Scholarship has been created to give opportunities in hospitality and hospitality management training to our colleagues or their families.

If you or a family member are looking to pursue a career in our industry and would like some support for further education, then please get in touch.



The Caterlink and Holroyd Howe Foundations are committed to supporting local schools setting up and maintaining kitchen gardens. The aim is to help children to be more aware of how food is grown, how it should be nurtured through the growing process and the journey of field to plate.

In addition, our chefs lend a helping hand by leading tasting and cookery sessions with children.



If you are thinking about applying for funding for any of the above initiatives or any other projects mentioned on our website, we'd like to hear from you.

Applications to the WSH Foundation are open to our colleagues and client recommendations, and can be made by emailing

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